Neues von Heuneberg tumuli?

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Neues von Heuneberg tumuli?

Beitragvon Kelvin Wilson » 07.09.2010 10:21

Saw Bettina Arnold of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee give a lecture on recent (?) excavations around the Heuneberg (at the EAA Conference in The Hague), and although it was at such a fast pace that my notes are not always clear, I did think the following of possible interest to this forum:

.... The finds from 'Grave 1' include an iron helmet plume holder with feather impressions, and remnants of a leather helmet attached. Apparently it relates to a 5th century BC find from Fitero, Navarra, Spain. Excavated in July 2010.

... On a drawing of 'Tumulus 18, Grave 17' I could see fairly large "organic stains" under the bracelets on both wrists. To me they seemed like the cuffs of, likely, long sleeves.

I might be mistaken on some of the details, so would like to learn more.

Kelvin Wilson
Kelvin Wilson

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