'Davy Crockett' Mütze (Paläolithicum)

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'Davy Crockett' Mütze (Paläolithicum)

Beitragvon Kelvin Wilson » 22.02.2006 12:58

Guten Tag,

Englisch, nun ;-) : In an interview with "Clan of The Cave Bears" author Jean M. Auel, I heard her say that archaeologists found squirrel tail bones behind a paleolithic human skull... indicating that perhaps this person was wearing a 'Davy Crockett' style hat! (see http://www.hatsinthebelfry.com/hatstore ... incap.html for a modern example of this type).

Does anyone know to what find/excavation she was refering to?

Danke schön,

Kelvin Wilson
Kelvin Wilson

Beitragvon Thomas Trauner » 24.02.2006 11:22

I did not hear anything about this find, too.
Did squirrels exist in the European Paleolithics ? Never heard about one.

But even if this is the case, a "Davy-Crockett-cap" is not what springs into my mind.
A decorated headband or hood is also possible.

Thomas Trauner

Beitragvon Kelvin Wilson » 24.02.2006 13:29

Oh, I agree, Thomas, on it possibly being anything ELSE but a Davy Crockett-hat ;-) It's just quite interesting.

The interview, by the way, can be heard at http://www.wiredforbooks.org/jeanauel/index.htm ... the remark about the squirreltail is at about 17'00"

Kelvin Wilson

Beitragvon Kelvin Wilson » 24.02.2006 15:12

Oh, I might have found it... From http://www.unl.edu/rhames/courses/current/venus1.pdf:

"...in later Palaeolithic burials (Grotta delle Arene Candide) bunches of squirrel caudal vertebrae suggestive of a fur are associated with infant remains (Cardini 1980)."

So that doesn't quite suggest a hat, just a skin with tail, or a bunch of tails.
The squirrel, by the way, might be the arctic kind.

Here is more on that cave site http://www.quotidianoligure.it/itinerar ... andide.htm including the full Cardini-reference.

Kelvin Wilson

Beitragvon hunasiensis » 24.02.2006 20:16


many thanks for the Soffer et al. paper. It's important because they give an overview not only of upper palaeolithic fur but also of textile use.

I appreciate especially their investigation of textile impressions in Dolni Vestonice clay pieces.

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