Koszyce - Gewaltopfer der Kugelamphorenkultur

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Koszyce - Gewaltopfer der Kugelamphorenkultur

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In Polen entdecktes Massengrab: Nach Verwandschaft geordnete Gewaltopfer mit Beigaben.

The genetic analysis also revealed that the group, which was part of the Globular Amphora culture (named for their globular-shaped pots), had one male lineage and six female lineages, "indicating that the women were marrying from neighboring groups into this community where the males were closely related," Johannsen noted.
"The people were buried very carefully, received grave goods and were positioned according to their immediate kinship ties," he said. "We should maybe call this a large 'multiple burial' rather than a 'mass grave,'"
https://www.livescience.com/65474-neoli ... urial.html

Aus dem Abstact:
[i]The third millennium BCE was a period of major cultural and demographic changes in Europe that signaled the beginning of the Bronze Age. People from the Pontic steppe expanded westward, leading to the formation of the Corded Ware complex and transforming the genetic landscape of Europe. At the time, the Globular Amphora culture (3300–2700 BCE) existed over large parts of Central and Eastern Europe, but little is known about their interaction with neighboring Corded Ware groups and steppe societies. Here we present a detailed study of a Late Neolithic mass grave from southern Poland belonging to the Globular Amphora culture and containing the remains of 15 men, women, and children, all killed by blows to the head. We sequenced their genomes to between 1.1- and 3.9-fold coverage and performed kinship analyses that demonstrate that the individuals belonged to a large extended family. The bodies had been carefully laid out according to kin relationships by someone who evidently knew the deceased. From a population genetic viewpoint, the people from Koszyce are clearly distinct from neighboring Corded Ware groups because of their lack of steppe-related ancestry. Although the reason for the massacre is unknown, it is possible that it was connected with the expansion of Corded Ware groups, which may have resulted in competition for resources and violent conflict.

https://www.pnas.org/content/early/2019 ... 1820210116

Nach diesem Artikel wurden die Opfer mit Flintbeilen erschlagen, also zumindest nicht mit der klassischen Waffe der Schnur-, bzw. Einzelgrabkultur, der Streitaxt:
https://www.degruyter.com/downloadpdf/j ... 6-0006.pdf
"Die Moderne nennt „Wandel“ das immer schnellere Marschieren auf dem gleichen Weg in die gleiche Richtung." Nicolás Gómez Dávila
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