HS in Australien schon seit 80 000 Jahren?

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HS in Australien schon seit 80 000 Jahren?

Beitragvon TZH » 20.07.2017 09:36

Wäre wirklich toll:

https://www.theguardian.com/australia-n ... -years-ago

"In the deepest levels of sediment, some artefacts were estimated to be about 80,000 years old – or at least 95% likely to be older than 70,000, the report noted. This did not necessarily indicate occupation, and there was some chance artefacts had shifted in the movement of the earth. However the layer of earth at 65,000 years was found to be a dense occupation layer, with multiple experiments finding no suggestion the earth had shifted."


"More than 10,000 artefacts were uncovered in the “zone of first occupation”, including ochre and reflective paint substances, as well as the oldest unbroken ground-edge stone axes in the world, by about 20,000 years, and the oldest known seed-grinding tools in Australia. "
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