Ancient mammoth ivory carving technology

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Ancient mammoth ivory carving technology

Beitragvon Roeland Paardekooper » 29.08.2020 23:06

Ancient mammoth ivory carving technology reconstructed by archeologists


A team of archeologists from Siberian Federal University and Novosibirsk State University provided a detailed reconstruction of a technology that was used to carve ornaments and sculptures from mammoth ivory. The team studied a string of beads and an ancient animal figurine found at the Paleolithic site of Ust-Kova in Krasnoyarsk Territory. Over 20 thousand years ago its residents used drills, cutters, and even levelling blades. The unusual features of some of the items showcased the mastery of the craftsmen. The new data obtained by the scientists will help study the relations between the residents of different Siberian sites. The article about the study was published in the highly respected journal Archaeological Research in Asia.

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Re: Ancient mammoth ivory carving technology

Beitragvon ulfr » 30.08.2020 10:20

Danke, Roeland!
Leider ist der Artikel wieder hinter der Schranke ...
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